Current Industry

FoodTech / Food & Beverage

Date Joined

January 7, 2021

Referred By

Will Holtz

I've transitioned away from a previous life in the finance world to early-stage startups, starting as a CoS which morphed into a role as Director of E-commerce and Regulatory Strategy. My motivation derives from solving non-linear problems and attempting to escape a fixed mindset. I lean heavy into psychology and data when I can.

Top Areas of Focus

Fundraising & Investor Relations
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Strategy & Planning

CoS Start Date

Jun 10, 2019

Current Industry

FoodTech / Food & Beverage

Company Size



11 to 15

Previous Experience

Pro Tip



Expand my professional network with other CoS and companies, Continuous learning from shared knowledge and resources, Develop mentoring and coaching skills, Recognition as a thought leader on the CoS role or other topics, Recruit new candidates


- High EQ + self-awareness - Analytical, rely on data to make decisions - Ability to turn ambiguity --> strategy


'- Recognizing another employees frustration with her title and responsibilities, and coaching her up to a promotion - Changing my path from one of self-preservation to one of openness and inclusion (ie, moving away from a fixed mindset) - Learning to become more present