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Vanessa Heppner

Vanessa (Van) is an Operations Leader and a SaaS Expert who has been serving technology companies for over 10+ years. Formerly as the Planning and Operations Director for the Office of the Co-CEO at Salesforce and previously served the COO in the same capacity. As a Consultant at EY she supported Fortune 500 companies with Risk, specifically, Cyber Security and Vulnerability management. Currently, Van is consulting Executive Offices with tailored expertise and best practices spanning strategic planning, business operations, accountability frameworks and more. She has a Masters in Accounting from University of Vermont, and her BA from University of Florida.  Fun Fact: There's a butterfly in Peru named after me.

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Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Finance & Accounting
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Tech & Business Tools (Procurement)
Change Management

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Excited to connect with peers in the CoS community and learn more from each other! In my personal time, I enjoy strength training, walks with my family and exploring new places.