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Tobey Wyatt

Tobey has traveled through many industries gaining tactical and strategic business operations experience in her 20+ year career. Starting in high school when she was an EA to the CEO of a manufacturing company and his family office, she has since worked operations across the insurance and wealth management, education, sports clubs, healthcare/big data, aerospace/defense/manufacturing, and banking industries. These companies have ranged from startups with less than 10 employees to Fortune 50 companies.

As VP, Operations at a small healthcare analytics startup, Tobey implemented and scaled all functional business operations from the ground up. She ran the company’s HR, IT, accounting & finance, communications, marketing, facilities management, legal, etc. activities. From there she worked with Boeing in a highly strategic role driving clarity across a complex, matrixed organization undergoing massive change and turmoil;then joined USAA to improve team operations during a major leadership turnover.

Tobey has deep roots in HR but enjoys sitting in the intersection of functional leaders and enterprise activities. She enjoys complex problem solving and navigating ambiguity, bringing structure to chaos. She observes team dynamics and builds effective and efficient processes that support all levels of employees, automating when possible. Her solutions are based on individual observations but informed by 2 decades of experience.

Tobey earned her MS in Secondary Mathematics Education from the University of Kansas and a BS in International Business from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Tobey has lived in Chicago for over 10 years. In her spare time, she has her hands full with 3 children though loves to enjoy Chicago’s dining scene, take in a Broadway show, concert, or movie with her husband when the opportunity arises. Additionally, the current plan is to be living abroad by 2030!! Any and all guidance appreciated to keep those doors open.

Top Areas of Focus

Tech & Business Tools (Procurement)
Strategy & Planning
Project Management
Performance Development
People & Culture
Organizational Structure
Internal Comms
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Change Management
Business Transformation / Org Change
Business Operations

CoS Start Date

Apr 13, 2018

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Pro Tip

Seaparate your personal value from what you produce at work. We will constantly be in the hot seat for trying new things nd if it hurts to get feedback, then include some positive self talk to remind yourself that your value is far beyond any deliverable!!


I geek out over systems thinking and process improvement. But also, I have been full suite HR, IT & , if you are facing an ops challenge hit me up!


I want to build off the shoulders of giants instead of trying to do it all myself! I have been silo'd in my bizops journey and it is time for the lonely portion of that journey to end.