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January 6, 2022

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Taylor Frank

I started by career with Big Blue in 1999 as and Admin Assistant and quickly worked my way into each subesequent promotion until I was managing the IT budget for an entire CIO subdomain with little more than determination, elbow grease, and the critical communication skills necessary to act in what can best be described as a diplomatic role sitting between IT and Finance.

This experience was the ideal training ground for being a first line manager, a role in which I built a reputation for balancing radical transparency, respectful discretion, and rabid devotion to my staff's continued development and promotion.

From this experience as a "Wild Duck" IBMer, I recently transitioned to Kyndryl.

I enjoy cultivating close relationships with key decision makers and influencers as I thrive in a role as a conduit for connecting people and ideas.

An ardent advocate for inclusion, I delight in and seek out input from diverse communities of thought, experience, and ability.

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Business Operations
Internal Comms
People & Culture

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I am a great meeting facilitator and event organizaer. I am fairly facile with tools such as Outlook, OneNote, Trello, and Mural.


I am here to learn all there is about how to CoS, in all the various ways the role is implemented.