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July 23, 2021

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Tanner Snider

I serve as Chief of Staff at Airspace Intelligence, a software-first aerospace company on a mission to help the world's most complex air operations succeed. As a private pilot, I am passionate about the intersection of aviation, technology and sustainability, and I am grateful to have found a job that allows me to continuously learn about all three.

I previously spent three years as a consultant at McKinsey & Co., serving as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Global Managing Partner, Kevin Sneader, in my final year. I graduated from Indiana University in 2018 with a degree in finance, economics and business analytics.

I love traveling, meeting new people (you included!), eating great food, flying airplanes and spending time with the most important people in my life.

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May 31, 2020

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0 to 2

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Never panic - there is a solution to every problem thrown your way


1) ****Speech writing and executive presentations: In my DCoS role at McKinsey & Co. I gained significant experience preparing speeches and presentations for large global forums like Davos, the Business Roundtable, the Asia Business Council and many others. I would be happy to help you develop a storyline, think about your audience, or provide feedback on visuals. 2) Crisis management: At McKinsey, I did several engagements focused on crisis management and response. I can help you think through stakeholder management, communications, scenario planning, and several other elements of strong crisis response. 3) Finance & accounting: While my experience is still somewhat light in this realm, I have taken over much of the finance and accounting function at Airspace Intelligence and also studied these topics in university. I can also help advise on managing external software and firms that focus in helping startups succeed in the FP&A function. 4) Relationship building: I am an extreme extrovert and love getting to know people and building strong, trust-based relationships. I would be happy to provide some advice on how I approach relationship building.


I am quite new to the startup world—any advice on tools to use, best ways to ramp up on a relatively technical product side, and how to build a network outside of your own company would be very helpful. I would also like to connect with other CoSs who have taken on roles running or improving many of the operational functions of the company (FP&A, HR, recruiting) while also staying quite product and customer oriented.