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Sumukh Setty

Sure! I'm a recent grad from Babson College, extremely interested in startups and venture capital. I formerly ran Babson's entrepreneurship community, and organized Babson's biggest pitch competition ever, giving away 100,000 dollars to the winner. I also started a fund on campus, which was backed by 500 Startups. Now, my main side project is Common Room, an AMA/discussion series to inspire students and young professionals. We've hosted conversations with people like Eric Ries, Kara Goldin, David Fialkow, and more.

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Nov 30, 2020

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3 to 5

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1. I have a great understanding of the Gen Z/Millenial market. I also am part of several communities targeted to these folks, so can easily get thoughts or promote things targeted to them. 2. I host a variety of free events and I'd love to collaborate to throw events for the CoS community to help uplevel everyone. 3. I have a growing network of angels and VCs that I would be happy to make introductions to as relevant.


I always love being part of like minded communities. As I started this job, I looked around to see if there were other places to connect and learn from other Chief of Staffs and stumbled upon this network. I would be super grateful for the opportunity to join and learn as much as I can, as I am a young Chief of Staff, and I have no doubt there is a ton to room to grow. Being able to connect with members that are more advanced than me and have years of experience in their belt would no doubt help me accelerate in my career.