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Stephen Moreland

I am interested in the ways data and technology can be leveraged to disrupt traditional perceptions of politics, media, education, and industry. I currently serve as Chief of Staff to Brad Keywell at Uptake, an industrial AI and analytics company; WNDR Museum, an immersive art + technology experience; Chicago Ideas, an ideas & community activation platform; and more.

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Fundraising & Investor Relations
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Strategic Partnerships / BD
Strategy & Planning

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3 to 5

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Block at least 1 day per week for heads down work -- both for your principal and for yourself.


As a self-proclaimed "power user" of productivity tools, I'd be happy to share some of the ways I'm leveraging no- / low-code tech to make both my principal and myself more efficient. Across the portfolio of companies with which I work, my focus is strategic growth (BD / M&A / Partnerships), fundraising, and executive reporting. I would be thrilled to share what I'm learning, ideas I'm trying, and challenges I'm encountering.


In my first year as a chief of staff, I am eager to learn best practices and pro tips from my more experienced (and fellow "first-timer") peers at the CoS Network. Given the unique nature of my role -- supporting a serial entrepreneur across a wide portfolio of companies -- I'm particularly hoping to connect with peers who have found (or are finding) success in CoS roles with a similar orientation.