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Steph Tobar

Let me tell you a bit about myself...I am super passionate about my career! I love to achieve and be a part of successful teams. It means the world to me to take on a big project and see it through to completion even from behind the scenes. In my current organization, I have been a Chief of Staff for over 3 years in a tech start up environment. I truly enjoy the fast pace and diversity of projects and stakeholders that comes with this type of role. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, meeting people and learning about different cultures. I really enjoy new cuisines and cooking for my family. I am based in St Louis (but I am from Los Angeles originally) in a remote environment so I am hoping to meet other Chief of Staff or professionals who I can learn from, grow and develop with. Fun fact: I am a HUGE dog lover! I've had 9 dogs over the course of my life. The smallest ranging 9lbs and the largest ranging 170lbs ...and they never misbehaved;)

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Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Organizational Structure
Performance Development
Product Development
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Team Offsites & External Events
Tech & Business Tools (Procurement)
Strategic Partnerships / BD

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Aug 3, 2020

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Being nimble and willingness to collaborate are rare traits that can drive success.


I have a strong Business Development background and spent many years in a large corporate organization. I always managed to remain nimble and gravitated to collaborating with stakeholders and leading projects. All of which I have come to learn allows me to where multiple hats and help my principles realize results.


I am looking to collaborate with other tenured Chief of Staff or Biz Ops leaders. I hope to grow my skills as a Chief of Staff and continue developing in my career.