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Stefanie Kleinsmith

The unique intersection of my experiences have provided me with the ability to be a career chameleon. My skills are well-rounded, my background has fortified my tenacious nature, and I am extremely adaptable to changing situations, people, and environments. When I was first offered the role of CoS at my previous company, I was a bit hesitant to accept it. I was concerned it would pigeon-hole my career opportunities. As time went on, I really leaned into it because it actually felt like a perfect union of my skills, experiences, and aptitude. As cliche as this sounds, it feels like this was the work role I was always meant to have. Even when I was working in other roles, I naturally incorporated elements that a CoS would normally do simply because it is ingrained in my character. I am looking to continue my career journey as a CoS and I hope the Chief of Staff networkcan help me achieve this goal.

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