Shelby Sly

Chief of Staff, President and CTO at Ridgeline. I split time between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe (where Ridgeline is HQ'd) and have a background in Program Management and Product Ops in Enterprise Tech. Originally from Seattle, WA and been living in CA since 2013.

Top Areas of Focus

Product Development
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt

CoS Start Date

Current Industry

FinTech / Finance

Company Size



6 to 10

Previous Experience

Pro Tip


Experience in: developing frameworks for managing cross-functional programs, transitioning from Ops to Product / Eng focused work, stakeholder management/alignment, empowering early stage teams to deliver quality work while developing with compliance, security, availability in mind, building DEI programs from scratch.


Advice on: supporting multiple leaders, maturing business processes while allowing for quick execution and focus, effective workforce planning, developing operating cadences, effective architecture and product decision making