Sebastian Lueger

I am Founders Associate at Fernride (a Munich-based deep-tech start-up). We are building a platform for autonomous, electric trucking. We pursue a gradual-autonomy, tele-drive first approach with a focus on private yards. Previously, I worked in IB and VC where I learned to approach challenges in a highly-structured manner and never give up easily. Later, I realized that I am much more passionate about building and scaling an organization and its success stands and falls with the right people.

I'm originally from Austria and love sports, backpacking and self-development. If you want to chat about Crossfit, cycling, snowboarding, surfing, your travel plans (can help with Europe and Asia), or some books, please ping me.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Finance & Accounting
Fundraising and Investor Relations
M&A/ Corp Dev
People & Culture
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Team Offsites & External Events

CoS Start Date

Jun 1, 2021

Current Industry


Company Size




Previous Experience

Pro Tip


I can share my learnings and experiences and provide brainstorming/feedback.


Above all, I look to connect with like-minded individuals (more than the usual LI connection). I may be open for mentors as well. I am also grateful for structured programs/skill sessions and insightful discussions which can give me an unfair advantage.