Sebastian Lueger

I am Founders Associate at Fernride (a Munich-based deep-tech start-up). We are building a platform for autonomous, electric trucking. We pursue a gradual-autonomy, tele-drive first approach with a focus on private yards. Previously, I worked in IB and VC where I learned to approach challenges in a highly-structured manner and never give up easily. Later, I realized that I am much more passionate about building and scaling an organization and its success stands and falls with the right people.

I'm originally from Austria and love sports, backpacking and self-development. If you want to chat about Crossfit, cycling, snowboarding, surfing, your travel plans (can help with Europe and Asia), or some books, please ping me.

Top Areas of Focus

Team Offsites & External Events
Strategy & Planning
Project Management
People & Culture
M&A / Corp Dev
Finance & Accounting
Business Operations

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Pro Tip


I can share my learnings and experiences and provide brainstorming/feedback.


Above all, I look to connect with like-minded individuals (more than the usual LI connection). I may be open for mentors as well. I am also grateful for structured programs/skill sessions and insightful discussions which can give me an unfair advantage.