Sara Hudson

I am a writer and executive chief of staff. As a seasoned senior leader, I offer strategic planning, operational project management, thought partnership, ghostwriting, air traffic control, and daily coordination for visionary leaders. I solve complex problems and focus on work that improves people's lives. This includes:STRATEGY+ overseeing strategic initiatives and strategic planning from ideation through superb execution + advising and managing complex operational priorities and special projects+ designing and implementing improved processes, efficiencies, data gathering, and metrics to measure and optimize organizational success (examples: Agile, Asana, KPIs, OKRs, and AoRs)+ providing exceptional Board, relationship, and stakeholder management+ developing and executing internal company roadmaps and external thought leadershipEXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP+ facilitating, coordinating, and delivering results with and for the senior leadership team+ building and managing daily operations of the Executive Office and C-Suite + ensuring the CEO’s priorities and highest-leverage use of time and resourcesCOMMUNICATIONS+ strengthening cross-team communications to increase coordination, clarity, and team joy + ghostwriting and editing op-eds, blog posts, emails, sensitive correspondence, presentations, and other materials for CEOs, Presidents, and senior leadersAs a dedicated mission-driven leader, I partner with CEOs and Presidents working to solve complex, urgent challenges facing humanity. This includes: + advancing racial and economic justice + protecting individual rights, dignity, and access to opportunity+ strengthening democracy and the ability of all to participate safely and freely in it+ listening for, creating, and uplifting storytelling that increases connection and understanding of our complex humanity+ creating lasting global, national, and local planetary change

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Deep expertise working with executives wanting to bridge industries (ex: tech titans wanting to go into philanthropy). Deep thinking on crafting individualized, yet standardized, systems to scale individual executives neurological processing into organizational ability to execute and excel operationally. Also, if anyone is working with executives dealing with federal or local policy or procurement, government expertise! Ditto crisis response (I'm a FEMA-trained emergency responder and led post-Katrina crisis comms construction and delivery.)


Best practices, common pain points, driving deep executive impact with wide thinkers, professional development, camaraderie, lessons learned and skills/training acquired and recommended!