Sana Mohammed

Hi! My name is Sana Mohammed. I'm excited to join this community.

Top Areas of Focus

Change Management
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Performance Development

CoS Start Date

Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

Company Size



11 to 15

Previous Experience

Pro Tip


I'd be happy to join brainstorming session to help with remote community building / event ideas. I've also spent a few years working in B2B marketing / sales, so if anyone is working on projects in that area, I'd be happy to share thoughts.


I'd like to chat with other Chief of Staffs working at companies that remote-first and/or have a total of 60-100 employees. I'd also love to hear from folks on: (1) how their startup runs OKRs or does goal setting in general (2) how they manage their executive team meetings to ensure follow up on action items, the team is talking about the most important business goals / performance metrics.