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Samantha Dias

Greetings! I'm Sam. I am known for being analytical, creative, empathic, positive, and results-driven... with sprinkles of quirky humor and fun. ——— I can be of services in 3 ways, with my multifaceted skill-set: 1) Leading Systems Thinking and Operational Effectiveness Initiatives 📊 → Chief of Staff/Business Operations Leader 2) Scaling Talent Development Functions 🎨 → Talent/People/HR Leader 3) Helping Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Level Up 🩵 → Principal Coach and Consultant Learn more, below: ——— 📊 LEADING SYSTEMS THINKING AND OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS INITIATIVES 📊 → I bring 10+ years of experience with leading cross-functional collaboration, OKR/Goal-setting, and serving as a liaison for internal departments, Leadership team members, and a wide variety of stakeholders, ensuring the success of many business units. → I wear dual hats of Big-picture Idealist and Execution-driven Tactician to bring together people, data, processes, and technology, towards a shared mission. → I received the President's Award at Samsung and Innovation Award at 2U for excellence in scaling Organization-wide Strategic Initiatives and Cross-functional Collaboration. 🎨 SCALING TALENT DEVELOPMENT FUNCTIONS 🎨 → My 14+ years of experience spans aligning Talent, Learning, and People Strategies to Business Goals at innovative startups, small-to-medium growing organizations, and global enterprises in the technology space. → I build strong partnerships across the stakeholder ecosystem, scaling programs to improve Talent Strategy KPIs and propel Business Strategies forward. → In 2018, I was recognized by the Forbes Coaches Council for my contribution to the Talent and Organization Effectiveness space. 🩵 HELPING INDIVIDUALS, TEAMS, AND ORGANIZATIONS LEVEL UP 🩵 → Whole Person Consulting (my Side Hustle) serves Individuals, Teams, and Organizations, with leveling up in Career and Life Design, Employee Experience, and Business Strategy. → The Whole Person Model integrates Strengths-based Career, Leadership, and Organization Development with Mental Health/Wellness, Soul-care, and Physical Fitness, by taking a Holistic Approach to helping people grow. 🙌🏽 Let's work together: 🌐 Learn more: ——— 🎈HOBBIES 🎈 → In my free time, I enjoy: reading about Psychology & Philosophy, DIY projects, long walks, nature, quality time with loved ones, home-based spa time, HIIT, cooking, thrift & online shopping, and an eclectic collection of music ranging from 80's to Deep House.

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