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Roger Kuo

Hello fellow Chief of Staff Network members! 👋 My career has been diverse, from founder to VC to consultant to startups. I’ve lived in SF most of my life until 2022 when I escaped with everyone else during Covid. I just moved back to SF from Miami and am freezing here every day 🥶. 🌎 Currently in San Francisco, but open to relocating again (NY, LA, or Miami) for work. 🏗️ Working towards: Chief of Staff, investing, platform, community, or similar role that compliments my abilities at a pre-seed/seed/series A fund, or a seed/series A or B startup (ideally remote or in SF/LA/NY/Miami). 🧑‍💻 LinkedIn: 🧗‍♂️ I ascended and descended the tallest mountain in SE Asia, Mt. Kinabalu (13,000 feet) in 26 hours.

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Business Operations
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Product Development
Project Management
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Fundraising & Investor Relations
Strategic Partnerships / BD

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Apr 1, 2021

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Don't get hung up on knowing each team's technical knowledge. More importantly, is the ability to read people and have high EQ. This will help you more than technical knowledge generally speaking.


💕 How I can support: Talking through career transitions to early-stage tech companies or venture capital, helping with resume/interview practice, introductions to people in my network, or anything else you can suggest.


🙏 I need help with: I’m here because I’ve discovered that no matter how good your resume or skills are, having a referral (or several) is the most effective way to land a job. Also could use some help thinking about how to best leverage my diverse background and skillset to acquire a new role.