Rich Harley

Hi! I'm Rich, and I've just started my first Chief of Staff role. I come from a background as a Scrum Master, and before that, I was a professional photographer, specialising in aviation. I'm relatively new to the role, and have never worked in an organisation with a CoS before. I'm incredibly excited to get to know other Chiefs of Staff, and learn the techniques which will make me successful in this role.

Top Areas of Focus

Internal Comms
Performance Development
Strategy & Planning
Organizational Structure

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3 to 5

Previous Experience

Pro Tip

If in doubt, write it out! Confirming you understand a challenge by writing down your understanding and sending it back will avoid mismatched expectations, and mean you're solving the right problem.


'- Remote working, at Feeld we've been fully remote since the company was founded, so have lots of experience there. - Tools, being fully remote, I've had to get to get to grips with lots of tools (Shortcut, Linear, Notion, Slack etc) - Tech and Product, being a Scrum Master before, I've seen how product and tech can come together, and understand the challenges teams can face. Also some tech and product tools (such as AppStoreConnect, Google Play Console, Firebase etc). - Problem Solving, I've been in startups and scale-ups for some time now, and I'm used to doing a lot with not a lot.


'- Communication, how to communicate well in a completely remote organisation, which has a long history of being self managed. - Handling growth, how to keep everyone motivated when we have aggressive goals, and have weeks where we don't quite hit our growth target. - Supporting the CEO, how I can best support my CEO. I have a long (6.5yrs) working relationship with her in other roles, but as we are relatively new to this dynamic, we're figuring bits out. I'd love to preempt more of what she will need from me on the journey, so she never even has to ask.