Regan Smith

My name is Regan Smith and I am a new CoS! I work in the startup world, helping leaders at different startup organizations learn, connect and grow in community. I love hosting dinner parties, backcountry skiing and sailing. Please reach out, I would love to learn from you all!

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Project Management

CoS Start Date

Current Industry


Company Size




Previous Experience

Pro Tip

The 5:1 ratio. For every negative comment/piece of feedback, give 5 positive comments/pieces of feedback.


I would love to give away tips on culture building, lessons from being in a small/fast/startup organization, HR related help and how to build community as a service. Happy to just be a listening ear/encouraging voice!


I am looking for help understanding Agile methodology, managing a team and our CEO, as well as any systems/processes/tools to help me build structure in our organization!