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October 28, 2021

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Rachael Bentley

My name is Rachael and I am the current Chief of Staff for Rockford Silk Screen Process, Inc. I started at the company in Purchasing and worked my way up within 3 years to the CoS role. It has it's challenges, and I am constantly learning. I am hoping the Chief of Staff Network helps me with my continued growth!

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Business Operations
Change Management
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I have had to wear MANY hats and continue to do so, so I find that most of the time I can manage my time very well. This has come with many delegations to others as well as communicating my availability in creative ways. I also strive to help others push through their insecurities and goals and have been creative with this as well in finding ways for each person to strive and achieve. Everyone is different, and learns differently!


My biggest internal task at the moment is learning to be more assertive. Being a woman in her 30s, I find it especially difficult to communicate my position and assertiveness. I also have found it very difficult to help our President focus on the things he needs to, and lessen the distractions he gets during the day. This is definitely a team effort, but some tips and tricks to help on my end would be greatly appreciated!