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Paulo Bos

Hello, Community! My name is Paulo Bos and I have an educational background that spans Business Information Management, International Business Administration, Corporate Law, and Law from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. My professional journey follows my interest in business, technology, and law. As a Business Designer at Kryha, a leading Web3 studio, I have been leading external strategic and internal operational efforts, raising capital, drafting proposals for enterprise clients, and advising on legal matters. Aside from my professional endeavours, I founded and chaired Studentprotest, a movement that has significantly impacted student loan policy in the Netherlands, a testament to my leadership skills and dedication to community-building. In joining this community, I hope to deepen my understanding of the role of a Chief of Staff, learn from peers about effective leadership and management practices, and contribute insights from my experience straddling business, law, and technology. I believe in the power of shared learning and look forward to both learning from and contributing to this community. Best, Paulo Bos

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