Nur Dyna Shamshir

Director at SOLV Energy

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Nur Dyna Shamshir

Hi there! My professional background is in management consulting. I am typically in the shoes of a Chief of Staff in multiple capacities - to my client, to the Partner of the consulting firm, to a founder, or in the form of managing a newly-established team, designed to implement specific high-priority, strategic initiatives. What I hope to learn from the community is navigating the career of a Chief of Staff in a world where it feels like the demand for specialization is coming on strong and how we can better articulate our value as generalists, or perhaps as specialists in what we do. Part of my love of being a generalist is continuous learning across all types of topic and refining your skills in thinking broadly. What I've learned through experience and am actively cultivating is what I hope I could share with the community.

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