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Noam Shapiro

Hi everyone, My name is Noam. I was born and raised in Boston and now make my home in Israel, just outside of Jerusalem. I'm married with four beautiful children. I used to be a teacher and then transitioned into the world of tech, first via marketing, then sales, and operations. Now I've become Chief of Staff at the startup I've helped build over the last 5 years. Fun fact: I love the Big Lebowski and have seen it more times than I can count :) Thanks!

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Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Internal Comms
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Strategy & Planning
Fundraising & Investor Relations

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Nov 30, 2023

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Be a good listener. It's a rare trait, and people appreciate when they find someone who is good at it.


I hope that my years of experience building a company from scratch, and touching many different aspects along the way, can help others who might be in similar positions.


Really excited to have joined this community. 5 years ago I was one of the first employees hired at a startup which now has grown to 25 people. My title and responsibility have changed over time. Now I have begun in this new role, which actually feels like the most accurate description for the function I serve in the company. That being said, I'm eager to build up my professional skill set in this role, so I look forward to learning from everyone in this community.