Nabil Uddin

I'm a biomedical engineer by training, with a background in medical devices and digital health, and currently the Chief of Staff at HelpWear (YC S17). HelpWear develops a continuous clinical-grade ECG monitor worn on a patient's bicep for the better detection and treatment of complex cardiac diseases. Before joining HelpWear, I led an innovation team within St. Michael's Hospital (through the Biomedical Zone) as a part of Unity Health Toronto, building everything from software systems to improving the management of brain hemorrhages, to software that allowed victims of domestic violence to discreetly report their abuser in the context of a fracture clinic. Over my 4 years at the hospital, I paired frontline care providers (who had identified gaps in the hospital's quality of care) to teams of engineers to co-design and develop solutions to address those gaps. Lastly, in my off time, I'm a co-host on SneakerSinz, a leading Canadian sneaker podcast.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Fundraising and Investor Relations
Organizational Structure
Product Development
Strategic Partnerships / BD Strategy & Planning
Legal & Compliance
Strategic Partnerships / BD

CoS Start Date

Jan 7, 2019

Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

Company Size



6 to 10

Previous Experience

Pro Tip

You're relationship with your Priniciple is one of the most crucial things as a CoS. Take the time to evaluate it, and make career decision accordingly.


In my time as a CoS, I've overseen 6-to-7 figure budgets, hiring cycles for entire engineering teams, incorporations in several countries, and compliance processes across the globe. Happy to share any of these experiences with my fellows Chiefs.


Connecting with like-minded functional workaholics, and creating peer-to-peer groups that can solicit each other for advice.