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Moon Yin

I come from a diverse background in venture capital, product management, and software engineering. My career began in the U.S. as a software engineer after completing my undergraduate degree in computer engineering. I moved to China and joined as R&D employee No.2 role at a scale-up during the mobile bubble, where I led the development of the first SaaS product tailored for the local market, growing it to a 200K ARR. Following this, I held a global leadership position at SAP, enhancing our security systems to next-generation standards and mastering the intricacies of managing complex stakeholder relationships within large organizations. I further honed my operational and strategic skills while pursuing an MBA from the University of Cambridge. My venture capital journey includes roles at SoftBank China, data-driven growth fund Quantumlight, and deep-tech Foresight WAE, where I gained deep insights into the key metrics critical at each stage of startup and scale-up phases, and built a robust network within the VC community across Europe, China and U.S. Outside of my primary career, I host the entrepreneurial talk show "Founder Investor Dialogues" in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, providing a platform for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to exchange ideas. For fun, I engage in Pilates and Muay Thai and have founded a “Pilates for Men” program aimed at bridging the gender gap in fitness. I look forward to connecting with fellow chief of staff professionals and exploring potential collaborations that leverage our mutual interests and experiences.

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I'm eager to support our community's fundraising efforts, leveraging my VC experience and network. I can offer strategic advice from an investor’s perspective and help connect with potential investors. Additionally, I can contribute to product strategy development and share best practices. I’m also happy to use my "Founder Investor Dialogues" talk show to enhance exposure for our fellow chiefs of staff and their companies within the Cambridge community, creating valuable connections and opportunities.


Chief of staff opportunities ( currently still recruiting) In addition, I would love to get knowledge and best-practices as operator