Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

Date Joined

July 12, 2021

Referred By

Milana Shapira

Mikel Jacinto

I started my career out in hospitality (The Ritz-Carlton), and moved to a health tech company (Hinge Health) after a few years. At HH, I was able to really support the company growth (from 90+ to 700+) as one of the key People Team members. This experience was really valuable and what ultimately pulled me to my new role as Chief of Staff.

I'm a generalist at heart. I love taking things from 0 to 1 and wearing a lot of different hats. I also enjoy building relationships with people at the company, and gaining insight on how people feel about working there.

Top Areas of Focus

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CoS Start Date

Jul 12, 2021

Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

Company Size



3 to 5

Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Always be willing to listen and learn!


- People & Culture experience - Building relationships effectively - Tips & tricks on offsite and event planning


I'm hoping to learn more about other CoS's experiences with the role (and how it can vastly vary between individuals). I'm also hoping to gain relationships with people who are navigating similar challenges as I am!