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Michael Amar

I am a CoS at a Venture Studio/Investor called Diagram Ventures and based out of Montreal. I started my career in Strategy Consulting for a year before catching the startup bug. Since then I've mentored over 40 early-stage startups, worked in BizOps at a Series B Proptech startup, and worked in growth and marketing at a Series A Data startup. Outside of work, I love reading, playing basketball, all things vc/startups, and am always trying to learn something new (I learned how to ski last year!). Looking forward to meeting you all!

Top Areas of Focus

Strategy & Planning
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Fundraising & Investor Relations
Finance & Accounting
Business Operations

CoS Start Date

Current Industry


Company Size



Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Don't sweat the small things and if it could get done in less than 10 minutes, do it now or else the todo list becomes a never ending blackhole.


The same thing you all can offer! Happy to speak to anyone about anything and grow my network. I have my own lessons and experiences that can be helpful to others and am always willing to be a thought partner and helpful, listening ear when needed.


Being a CoS can be an isolating and often vague role. I'm hoping to learn from everyone's experience, pick up best practices and lessons, have a community of thought partners, and grow myself professionally and personally.