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The more you put into the role, the more you'll get out


My biggest skill is being able to distill really complex ideas into the root problem - this makes me really good at problem solving and explaining difficult concepts to others. My second biggest skill is being able to adapt really easily to different working environments and situations If either of these are of help to anyone HMU! Otherwise I have also been known to have some decent banter over a cuppa! ☕


I am working at a company full of loads of super young, keen, and smart people - so there's a lot of innovation but not a huge amount of experience. I want to learn from other people's experience so I can provide more value in my current role. I am always up for a chat so I would love to connect with everyone - but I am especially keen to connect with people with different backgrounds to mine. I am also always open to opportunities and new ways I can grow and develop.