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Meredith Cheney

Hello - I hope you are well! I am eager to connect with your London chapter! I am an aspiring Chief of Staff, currently living in London and originally from the US. I studied economics at university and then joined the tech industry as an executive assistant to Head of Product at Oculus VR (acquired by Facebook/Meta) before pivoting to a Technical Program Manager role at Meta to gain more product experience. Over the last 7 years, my interests continue pulling me back to solve more strategic operational challenges, rather than product or technical challenges. I am fascinated by how organizational and operational optimizations can significantly improve product development and employee retention. While I am not a Chief of Staff currently, I have connected with dozens of Business Leads within Meta (Meta's Chief of Staff equivalent) and I am very keen on the role. I am hoping to meet individuals in the Chief of Staff role and learn more about opportunities outside of Meta to understand the similarities and nuances. Looking forward to hearing from you! All my best, Meredith

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