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Mary Hendra

This is my first CoS role. I've worked in government, education, and non-profits before joining a tech start-up in the wellness sector. Previous to being a CoS, I started my own company (consulting and facilitation), and spent more than a dozen years in official roles of innovation for other companies. At one of those companies, my leadership launched a successful pivot in business structure by combining a people-first orientation with strategic identification of gaps and opportunities. In my current role, I am particularly focused on building a positive, scalable, organizational culture, which includes actively bringing to bear my pro-active communication;skills in mediation, conflict resolution, and facilitation;and centering of wellness by actively cultivating a sense of stillness, creativity, and community.

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May 23, 2023

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Listen. Be curious. Bring humility.


Curiosity, creativity, connection.


inspiration from experience.