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August 1, 2021

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Fundraising & Investor Relations
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FinTech / Finance

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Your mission is to empower the Founder(s) any way you can to ensure that they are free to do what they do best


During my time as a VC, I spent a ton of time with founders discussing items that otherwise they would not be comfortable talking about with their other-Investors/Board/Employees. Being a sounding board and/or trying to act as an impartial party for the founder is a powerful way to help them navigate whatever situation they are facing at the moment. I'm happy to share that experience and how a COS can play that role. Happy to also share my experience with raising capital, investor/Shareholder relations and anything Board related.


Looking to understand how to build an efficient Founder's Office. Always looking for tips and new ways to deal with ambiguity and working in a unstructured environment.



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