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Climate / Environment

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March 31, 2021

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Maggie Mullooly

I serve as the Chief of Staff to the CEO & COO of Arcadia, a mission based startup. I've been at the company for 2 years. I'm a low ego, high energy team player, with a proven track record of delivery, execution and project management. More about me - I'm a born and bred New Englander, wearer of many hats and lover of world travel.

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Feb 22, 2021

Current Industry

Climate / Environment

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3 to 5

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Pro Tip

Important: good relationships w your execs. Even more important: good relationship w their deputies


- Insight into the clean-tech space and expertise on the next wave to hit our national infrastructure: electrification of the grid - Fresh perspective and voice from a young female CoS just starting out - Share my own learnings from working very closely with the founder and the challenges we have over come as a team


I'm hoping to learn from my colleagues the tools and lessons they've experienced that have helped them be successful in the role. Looking to expand my network in general. Also to learn what life after CoS looks like.