Lourdes Hernandez

Chief of Staff at The Chefs'​ Warehouse


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October 14, 2022

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Lourdes Hernandez

Transformational, highly analytical, and bilingual Chief of Staff with 20+ years of experience excelling in 24/7 high-pressure environments and diverse industries including Technology, CPG, and Food Distribution. Skilled in-office services, procurement, and customer service. Results-driven with expertise in maximizing profits, marketing products, motivating team members, and managing multiple accounts. Committed to driving continuous improvements in processes and guest experiences to enable company growth. I am a strong believer that creativity and logic can cohesively work side by side. I'm an innovative thinker at heart, effortlessly combining pragmatism and creative design by knowing how to think outside of the box. Over the course of my career, I’ve gained insightful knowledge of female entrepreneurship and am a strong advocate of empowering women through leadership development and mentorship.As a Chief of Staff, I can grasp complex problems through the ideation process, accurately diagnose problems and design solutions through implementation and deployment, all while driving cross-functional alignment and ensuring an effective and efficient approach is taken in all projects and tasks. A strategic thinker with proven leadership abilities who is passionate about driving and shaping our corporate culture, ensuring organizational effectiveness and improving employee engagement. With an unwavering work ethic, I translate strategic visions into action to drive company growth

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