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Blockchain / Crypto

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David Nebinski

Leo Lu

I’m Leo, currently the CoS for the Crypto team at a fintech called Cross River.

I came from an early-stage startup called AbstractOps that focused on automating startup operations, and before that was on the Corporate Venture team at BNY Mellon focused on fintech partnerships and investments.

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Strategic Partnerships / BD
Strategy & Planning
Business Operations

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Current Industry

Blockchain / Crypto

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Give first! Offer intros, connections to others you've spoken with, etc.


Talk to me about fintech, the vc investment process/startup fundraising process (I've reviewed dozens of pitches), and startup operations across HR, Finance, Legal, and Compliance.


Looking to connect with people who moved from a generalist role to a specialist role. More specifically, people with experience in strategy & ops who are now in BD roles focused on platform.