Leland Chamlin

Director of R&D Partnerships and Programs at Bowery Farming

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Current Industry

AgTech / Agriculture

Date Joined

December 16, 2020

Referred By


Growing plants at Bowery farming, focusing on partnerships and programs in the R&D space. Joined Bowery as the 18th employee and was CoS for 4 years.

Top Areas of Focus

Fundraising & Investor Relations
Organizational Structure
Strategic Partnerships / BD
Strategy & Planning

CoS Start Date

Sep 18, 2017

Current Industry

AgTech / Agriculture

Company Size




Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Regularly remind yourself why you sought out this role, and then regularly calibrate if you feel the role is delivering on what you wanted to learn or do


Scaling from Series A to Series C, anything and everything about starting, growing, and ultimately leaving the CoS role, and then working at Deep Tech company


No asks just gives at this point!



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