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Head of Operations at Bloomful

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Lea Marais

I started as an engineer and now work with startups to overcome the chaotic early stages. This means I stopped writing code a long time ago. However, I'm still passionate about solving complex problems that make people's lives easier and support teams in delivering their vision. I now help entrepreneurs bring together the right team, data, processes and tools to turn their vision into action and build tactics that bring the business to the next stage. I am a generalist who can bring together people from different backgrounds and get things done. I'm equally creative and analytical when designing winning strategies, building sustainable processes, and delivering transformative projects and products. I've honed my skills over the last 14 years, including a track record of operational leadership experience. I've built functions and teams from scratch, brought innovative technologies to the market and facilitated the adoption of new products and frameworks in complex, heavily regulated environments (healthcare, medical devices, digital health, clinical trials).

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