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Lauren Carter

Hey there! I'm Lauren Carter;I've been in the game for 8 years, working with NFL and NBA players turned startup founders to political leaders who've decided to run small businesses. My main focus has been on saving budgets, speeding up projects, and coaching leaders. Beyond work, I'm introverted and like to do activities on my own-- -so I might fly out of town to a concert, attend an art gallery opening, or take a cooking class to dive deeper into something I love in relative peace and quiet. In this community, I'm excited to swap stories/tips/hacks to improve in the Chief of Staff role. Fun fact: I **love** jazz music. Mostly the Bebop era and earlier.

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Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Government Relations
Organizational Structure
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Project Management
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Change Management

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Oct 1, 2020

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One big lesson I've learned is that relationships and clear communication (radical candor balanced by situational empathy) are gold. Might sound cliche, but being a Chief of Staff is like conducting an orchestra - harmony and good communication make all the difference. So, aspiring Chiefs of Staff, focus on your people skills!


Bringing in my experience, I’m all about keeping things efficient, effective, and executed well. I've got tips on seamless transitions to remote work, which we're all pros at post-2020. I am looking forward to sharing, learning, and vibing with you all! 🚀


I'm here to improve my project management and strategy skills and learn hacks for the role that will help me find my next role. My track record is solid, but I'm always up for refining my skills to transition into more spaces.