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Laura Clarke

I am a NYC native with over 20 years of administrative experience across a variety of industries. I am looking to connect with other Chiefs of Staff to learn, share ideas and maybe even vent lol! Fun Fact: I used to DJ and do stand up

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Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Finance & Accounting
Fundraising and Investor Relations
Growth/Sales & Marketing
Internal Comms
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Performance Development
Project Management
Strategic Partnerships / BD Strategy & Planning
Strategy & Planning
Team Offsites & External Events
Tech & Business Tools (Procurement)
Fundraising & Investor Relations
Strategic Partnerships / BD

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Oct 26, 2020

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Observe, take all the notes, look for explanations for terms/processes you are unfamiliar with and do your own research. Many things in this role happen in the moment and can be out of your wheelhouse - you have to seek answers and not be afraid to invent new processes.


Through the years I have been fortunate enough to work with some great vendors and form lasting relationships with colleagues (present and former) I have a wealth of knowledge that I think could be helpful. I also think we can all learn from each other - so bringing curiosity and the willingness to think outside of my usual box.


Ideas, recommendations, community