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Ketzirah Lesser

Leader, Mentor, Strategist, Geek, INTJ, Di, Virgo, E-5, Polymath, AI & Mixed Media Artist, Kohenet (not necessarily in that order) Ketzirah Lesser is an Executive Director with VML and Chief of Staff with BAV Group. She brings experience in brand, digital strategy, customer experience, direct marketing, integrated communications, loyalty marketing, workshop development, and acting as a c-suite chief advisor. Over the course of her career, she has worked with B2C and B2B brands in every category imaginable including clients ranging from AARP to Zytiga. Her focus has always been aligning customer needs with achieve client goals and reinforce brand value at every touchpoint. From 2016-2021, she served as Director of Campaign Strategy for the highly awarded 2020 Census Integrated Communications Campaign, one of the most complex communications campaigns in American history. Ketzirah is an accomplished writer and presenting on topics ranging from ethics of AI and social media marketing to brands as forces for social and cultural change, modern multicultural. marketing, and generational theory. She has presented at prestigious conferences like SXSW and in a variety of trade publications.

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Dec 24, 2016

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Make sure your executive knows you COULD do their job, but 100% don’t WANT to.


Mad skillz? But seriously, I’ve had what they now call a “portfolio career” beginning with being a professional stage manager and prop designer, becoming a marketing executive, leading the strategy for the 2020 Census integrated communications campaign, to choosing to down shift and now being a chief of staff for BAV Group. I bring a rather odd set of skills and experience that have translated into a very successful life and career that I’m happy to share.


Building relationships with other Chiefs of Staff. Expanding skills. Tapping into a powerful network.