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February 1, 2021

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Kelly Stewart Danner

I've served in this role since 2010 under different names (typically Director / VP of Ops). I'm currently serving in it for a Techstars 2020 ecomm company. I've been at 4 tech startups in NYC and SF ‚Ästthis is a role/scope that I'm very familiar with. I have 3.5 years of true, top-level Leadership experience.

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Business Operations
People & Culture
Strategy & Planning

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Sep 18, 2017

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11 to 15

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Communication guidelines are absolutely critical to efficiency and avoiding burnout.


Back-office operations, all things People Ops, OKR/KPI management, corporate real estate.


It's been so helpful to learn and ask about new tools or services.


- Effective communication - Managing expectations


'- Dug a small company out of the red in the depths of the last recession through basic (but hard) operating principles. Made business profitable again. The business acquired within a year. - Became a self-taught expert in corporate real estate: found a new 50k sq ft HQ for our company and designed and built it out from a raw space in 6 months (highly complex project + team mgmt). - Opened 3 retail stores in 2 years on shoestring budgets. Had never overseen Retail before.