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Software & Data Solutions

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November 10, 2021

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Simon Rodrigues

Katie Kim

Hi! I'm Katie, CoS at Deepnote. We are a 20+ FTE team building a collaborative data science notebook. I'm a first time CoS following 6 years in the VC world. I'm a Canadian based in London (remote). I'd love to connect, keep conversations going and help one another where we can!

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Software & Data Solutions

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6 to 10

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Establishing trust with your colleagues is a necessary and ongoing process!


- *Most* things related to fundraising & early-stage investing as a VC - My network - Any advice I can lend from my experience - Organizational tips - Brainstorming buddy - An active listener


I'd love to connect with other CoS, particularly at similar companies by industry (data science, SaaS, platform software etc), size (Series A, 20+ FTE), remote teams, etc. I'd love to draw from your experiences and learn about your approaches to new tasks, company growing pains, implementation of new systems and processes (OKRs etc), and ultimately make connections in a fairly isolated role.