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Blockchain / Crypto

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June 14, 2021

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Hi! I'm Julie. I am in my second position as Chief of Staff to a founder/CEO. I love tech, product development, building and leading teams, early-stage company development, and altitude shifting between big picture strategic planning and tactical day-to-day execution. Excited to meet some fellow CoSs!

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Business Operations
Strategy & Planning
Organizational Structure
Performance Development

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Feb 13, 2017

Current Industry

Blockchain / Crypto

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If you hire good people into a broken system, it doesn’t fix the system, it breaks the people! -Jez Humble


Product development, building product teams, hiring engineers, recruiting, setting OKRs, annual planning, defining core values, mission, vision, working with ... "special" founders, meeting facilitation, design sprint facilitation


I'd love to connect with other people scaling early stage companies, anyone in crypto or emerging technology companies, or anyone working in a venture studio or agency environment.



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