Julia Dominguez

Intrinsically driven to make a positive impact on those around me and passionately dedicated to embracing a growth mindset, I strive to improve the quality of life for everyone I encounter.My background as a veteran and an Army wife has allowed for a wonderful variety of experience and each engagement has taught me, challenged me, and changed me. I care about people and believe that we are all capable of consistent small improvements that will drastically alter how far we will go in life. Here are some things others have said about me: ✔️ "Julia's unique profile is shaped by her seemingly disparate background. Her experience serving in the US Army helped strengthen her resolve, allowing her to operate calmly and confidently in situations that would leave others frustrated or frazzled. Her Master’s Degree in Social Psychology grants her a deep insight into how people cooperate and collaborate, enabling her to better serve both our team members and clients." ✔️ "Able to quickly diagnose and dismantle extraordinarily complicated issues, Julia is absolutely someone you want on your team. Her even-keeled temperament pairs well with her unshakable tenacity, and combined these character traits enable her to persist in discovering, and executing solutions where others would surrender."At the core of it all, I believe I am called to make an impact and to help bring out the best in others in an endless variety of ways.Think we could do something great together? Reach out and let’s find out!

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