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Julia Arrington

I am a Black Woman who has consistently listened to her intuition and followed her passions throughout her professional career and personal life. I hesitate to separate the two, because truthfully speaking my profession and the roles I have held over the years have all been personal to me and have played an integral role in my personal development. As an overview, I have 11+ years of experience working in the field of education, as a teacher and leader in the K-12 setting. In that time, I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of continuous knowledge in child development, adult education, special education, leadership development, school culture, and the impact of race and racism on education. In addition, I have used my skills in the fields of recruitment and talent development, leading and developing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, systems, education, and strategic planning. I believe that providing many opportunities to explore and intentionally building a pathway toward equity through collaborative working environments that honor and celebrate the identities, voices, and talents of all stakeholder groups is essential to developing anti-racist organizations.

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