Josh Koch

I'm just started a new role as the Chief of Staff/AD of Strategic Planning at Vence, a startup recently acquired by Merck's Animal Health Division. Throughout my career, I've had finance/FP&A roles and Chief of Staff type roles, with or without the official title, in industries from military/government to education to biotech. Fun fact - I've come full circle, from growing up on a dairy farm to working for a company developing virtual fencing for cattle and livestock management.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Finance & Accounting
Internal Comms
Project Management
Strategy & Planning

CoS Start Date

Jan 3, 2022

Current Industry

Company Size




Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Develop your network inside your company as soon as possible so you build rapport with your colleagues that will become your go-to experts.


Happy to share how I've used financial forecasting to help in strategic planning. Also, I've been at a startup raising funds and now a startup post-acquisition inside of a large corporation.


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