Hi there! I'm Jasper and I recently graduated from Northwestern and transitioned into a Chief of Staff role at Arist. Passionate about meeting learners where they are and making learning as accessible as possible.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Finance & Accounting
Fundraising & Investor Relations

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EdTech / Education

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Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Give all the credit and take all the blame.


As a new Chief of Staff (and the fact that this is my first role out of college), I'm afraid all I can offer is a fresh set of eyes on all the problems we're facing! As a grow into the role over time, I hope to amplify my generalist background and aptitude for solving ambiguous, cross-functional problems into more actionable expertise that I can share with the community.


Learn how to navigate the autonomy of a CoS role, best support founders/executives, and drive operational excellence.



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