Jane Spivey


I like to say I'm a specialist in being a generalist and it's only the last few years that I've appreciated how valuable this is, particularly when I first discovered the CoS role.

After a varied career across different roles and industries I found my sweet spot working with startups in CoS and BizOps roles and I'm currently Head of Operations for a crypto startup, with many of the same responsibilities I had as CoS.

I'm looking forward to sharing knowledge and learning from everyone in this community, with a particular interest in scaling startups, remote distributed working, people and culture.

Fun fact: I started my career as a Police Officer in London aged 21!

Top Areas of Focus

Team Offsites & External Events
Strategy & Planning
Project Management
People & Culture
Internal Comms
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Change Management
Business Operations

CoS Start Date

Current Industry

Blockchain / Crypto

Company Size




Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Relationships are such a key part of the role so invest time in getting to know the team and learning about everyone's pain points. Also, Notion is THE best tool!


I'd be happy to share anything that could be useful from my several years of experience as CoS and BizOps at various startups


I'd love to learn from others' experiences scaling startups and working in remote distributed teams