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FinTech / Finance

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Maggie Hsu


Force multiplier for visionary leaders

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Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Organizational Structure
M&A / Corp Dev
Fundraising & Investor Relations

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Jul 15, 2019

Current Industry

FinTech / Finance

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Pro Tip

For recurring meetings, while it's still fresh, mock up your next agenda or deck after each meeting, folding in anything that should be new or different.


Some of my fluency areas: working hand-in-hand with visionaries to drive their agenda forward, helping executive teams be effective, Board communications, noticing & addressing process and communication gaps/opportunities, human resources, and an innate inclination to create order out of chaos.


I'm using decades of experience in business roles across several sectors, and am relatively new to the CoS role. I'm looking to deliver greater value while maintaining my sanity.



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