Hannah Koch

Prior to starting as Chief of Staff at Instabase, I worked at Goldman Sachs for 5 years on a venture and growth equity investing team. As a venture and growth equity investor, I invested in companies from Series A - Series D, investing between $15-75M. I specialized in sourcing, evaluating and investing in fintech and enterprise software startups. I have experience serving as a board observer and board director, as well as advising founders and management teams on key strategic decisions and opportunities. I leverage the breadth of experience that I have from my prior investing role to effectively operate as a Chief of Staff to Anant Bhardwaj, founder and CEO at Instabase. Instabase is a series B, enterprise software company that specializes in solving computer generated document understanding for financial services and insurance companies. In my current role as Chief of Staff, I work closely with Anant on a number of strategic initiatives spanning all company functions.

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Apr 27, 2020

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Focus on maintaining breadth rather than depth


Managing internal communications, strategic planning processes, executive team dynamics, general strategy and operations best practices


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