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Enterprise SaaS

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July 6, 2021

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I am a generalist with a background in finance, law, change management and operations. I have 2 years of leadership experience being promoted to the senior leadership team after 1 year in my last role, before joining Reejig (an AI SaaS Startup) as Chief of Staff. Having previously started and run a community myself, I believe one of the most effective ways to accelerate my career would be to surround myself with like-minded people. I found CoS Network through Medium and would love to contribute to the growth of this community and as well as meet some awesome people.

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Jul 5, 2021

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Enterprise SaaS

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Clarify expectations and ask for feedback often to ensure alignment with the Executive!


Change Management, Operations, Finance, People


A network of like-minded people with whom I can learn from but also add value to wherever possible by leveraging each other's knowledge, experiences and connections.



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