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March 18, 2021

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Ernesto Freire

After working for the Bloomberg administration as Senior Vice President of External & Government Affairs for New York City's marketing/tourism agency for seven years, I was recruited to help launch Bloomberg Associates. Founded in 2014 as a division of Bloomberg Philanthropies, BA is a pro-bono, philanthropic civic consulting organization dedicated to supporting Mayor's around the world. As Chief of Staff, I am responsible for setting strategic direction and ensuring the efficiency/efficacy of all operations related to BA. Additionally, I lead BA's Communications & Internal Management practice, working with Mayors and their senior team to develop comprehensive communications and operational strategies including refining public messaging priorities, reviewing and helping implement internal reporting and management structures, creating internal and external stakeholder engagement programs, and leading staff trainings on public relations best practices.

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Business Operations
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Strategy & Planning
Organizational Structure

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Jan 4, 2014

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Use objective criteria/data to explain actions and manage negotiations with clients/staff


Specifically, I have over a decade of experience in communications (external and internal), government affairs, and operational/staff management. I currently oversee a team of 40+ (including 6 direct reports) and network of in-market reps/consultants. My role has also given me great visibility/experience working with 17 of the world's leading global cities (Paris, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Houston, Athens, etc), and have a unique vantage point of various challenges and how to navigate different structures, etc (including crisis response).


I'd like to collaborate and share information/insights with my peers on how to improve overall company performance, staff development, and new technologies/tools to help meet our objectives and mission. I am feeling a particular sense of need and urgency as we manage the fallout and impact of COVID-19 on our activities, culture, and working in an increasingly remote environment.