Current Industry

Software & Data Solutions

Date Joined

July 15, 2021

Referred By

Meredith Rosenzweig


Hello fellow Chiefs of Staff! I'm Elizabeth Henry, Chief of Staff to the Chief Commercial Officer at Dropbox. I've been at Dropbox for 4-years, starting first as a sales representative before moving to a Chief of Staff role. Prior to starting at Dropbox I worked in Sales & Trading at UBS Investment Bank where I had the opportunity to cover a variety of market sectors and discovered my passion for technology and world changing products.

Outside of work I'm a runner, skier, and love most things that involve being outside!

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
M&A / Corp Dev
Strategy & Planning
Growth/Sales & Marketing

CoS Start Date

Feb 1, 2019

Current Industry

Software & Data Solutions

Company Size




Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Keep your perspective.


With an experience in finance and technology and a number of different roles within both industries I have a range of perspectives that I'm always excited to share.


The chief of staff roles changes so much based on need and team. I am excited to hear how other chiefs of staff evolve depending on changing needs, while ensuring they are still impactful. Additionally, I look forward to hearing how other Chiefs of Staff think about their career path and evaluate what may come next for them.



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